D4S second overall in the Master King Championship

After an hard fight during all the Championship, the D4S Proto gained the second position in the Master King.

It was a very tough competition, against strong teams and drivers and… against ourselves as well, because we had to face sevral technical problems. But at the end the constance and determination briught a good result. Moreover, technically we understood where we have to concentrate our technology, to be even more competitive

Sergio Durante | Founder of D4S

A big thanks is for all the people of the organisation BMG: they organised a great international Championship with more than 50 drivers, where they perfectly merged professionalism and friendly environment…. which is very, very rare today…


Races for testing

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is testing on the field the strength and performances of a new generation of components and materials.

And the results are coming even better then expected.

The Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante D4S Prototype is equipped with a brand new high performance transmission, inheriting state of the art F1 technology. This car is showing incredible performances both on the tests and in the races field.

In fact, after a series of endurance tests started last year the gearbox have been successfully stressed in the race field, without the need of substitution of a single component.

Gears, differentials, transmission shaft completed a stress tests lasted the 150% more of the limit of the best in class parts.

The results were certified also from a 2nd position in its category and a brilliant 4th overall at the ICE Series Livigno Race.

Congratulations to the Motorsport Team!