New flexible technologies for high performance gears and shafts

A collaboration between Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante and AMRC with Boeing gave birth to a new generation of high performance gear shafts for racing application, manufactured by mean of advanced turn-milling technologies.

In fact, with the direct and committed support of both DMG MORI SEIKI Co. and SANDVIK , it was possible to realize, by full turn milling interpolation technology, a complex features shaft, ready to be installed in the gearbox.

The quality of the finishing of the surface is astoundingly beautiful and the geometrical precision is even better that the conventional technologies, but sporting an incomparable flexibility in the process.

The manufactured prototype will be extensively tested in the Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante WRC DS3 in the ICE SERIES Championship 2016 , the most challenging environment for testing the transmission component.

In the future it is planned to tests the parts also in the FIA World Rally Cross Championship before the final approval and the delivery to customers in the new 2016 high performance sequential titanium gearbox designed By Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante

Reference Tests of New Technology on the field

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is setting up new technologies to be applied to turbocompressor parts and gearboxes for racing and tourism cars.

In fact the 2016 will be definitely the year of the tests for advanced components for the cooling system and advanced surface engineering for these kind of components.

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is developing a revolutionary ultralight titanium water pump to keep the racing engine at super-stable temperature even in extreme and/or fast variable weather conditions.

At the same time new advanced low friction and passive damping coatings are under development. The turboicompressor shaft and the transmission parts are under testing in the extreme conditions of the race to measure the performance gain in comparison with several more traditional solutions.

It is the first time that Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is applying F1 and Le Mans Series technologies into the Karting races.

As it happened last year, Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante will be the chief test driver for both the technologies and he will personally participate to the World Championship 2016 that will be held in Sweden on the next September to prove the technologies on the real field.

Here below some pictures of the car setup and a video of the tests carried out at the Circuit of Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV) in Italy

City University of Hong Kong

In the fascinating environment of the always dynamic Hong Kong, it was held the first important meeting between the worldwide famous City University of Hong Kong, represented by Prof. Jian Lu, Executive Vice President of Research and Technology, and Dr. Sergio Durante, Executive Vice President of the multinational company DIAD Group and D4S Group.

The topic of the meeting was focused on the future collaboration between the two institutions. The fields of interest discussed are mainly related to the application of advanced materials to the future mobility automotive sector, with a particular interest on a novel generation of energy absorbers, ultra high strength nano-structured metals and innovative surface engineering treatment.

The City University of Hong Kong, in the Department of Advanced Structural Materials sport a state of the art equipped laboratory and top level researchers.

The number and the quality of the publications permit the University to be ranked among the best-in-class worldwide.

More in details the Primary mission of the Centre for Advanced Structural Materials of Prof. Jian Lu is to develop a future generation of materials scientists, mechanics of materials researchers and design engineers to bring advance fundamentals and technologies in advanced structural materials. Innovative solutions are created for different key industrial sectors, such as the biomedical, the automotive, the aerospace, and the sustainable energy.

The Centre’s objectives are to build a common research platform to attracts various members in the field of mechanics of advanced structural and functional material. Technology transfer is created by working with national and international leading companies; training top level multi-disciplinary researchers for the region; developing high value-added products to support economic developments of Hong Kong and the Pearl Delta Region.

The current major research areas are:

Prof. Jian Lu, Executive Vice President of the Research & Technology at the City University of Hong Kong with Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante, Executive Vice President of the DIAD Group

•Prestressed engineering materials and devices

•Advanced Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMGs) and Multicomponent Metallic Alloys

•New Advanced Composites

•Radiation Damage in Reactor Materials

•Integration of advanced structural materials in product design

The new materials under development in the Prof. Jian Lu Centre for Advanced Structural Material, show high potential of application in the future electric and hybrid cars, that represent exactly the focus of the current business of Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante. The two organizations found a lot of complementarity points that will converge in the joint participations to both industrial and government high tech Asian and European projects, where the City University of Hong Kong will bring in the material technologies while Dr.Eng. Sergio Durante companies will develop the manufacturing and extensive automotive testing of parts.

Advanced Chip Tuning

D4S Motorsport, dedicated to the automotive racing and development of advanced prototypes, is currently promoting servicing of Chip Tuning to sport road and race cars.

The idea is to transfer knowledge acquired in race cars setup to the every day car, of course only for sport use.

The software update permit several advantages, apart an astonishing increase of power and torque, like the decreasing of consumption and the respect of the emission levels.

Several cars have already enjoyed the update, like Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, Honda, McLaren and others.

D4S Hybrid Sport the future of racing

The racing car D4S HybridSport build by D4S Motorsport, in collaboration with the French companies EFESTO and Innovation-Technologies, represent the first hybrid car in the world for rally on ice, putting a milestone in the use of electric powertrain in extreme weather and temperature conditions, like the ones meet in the Ice Challenge 2018 Championship.

The powertrain is based on a racing V6 3.0l internal combustion engine (ICE) with an output of 340HP, torque of 370Nm, integrated with a innovative electric unit, weighting 20Kg with 200kW of power (270 HP and 500Nm). So the car sports a spectacular power of 610 HP and 870Nm of torque, that is transmitted to the ground through a reinforced six speed sequential transmission.

The electric motor is boosted by a Ion Litium battery pack, that, with only 60Kg can push the car for the entire race with a tension of 400V.

The powertrain, constituted by the ICE engine, motor, the inverter, the battery pack, the vehicle control unit and the sequential gearbox has been studied and integrated with the ICE in strict collaboration with Efesto.

This project represent a important step in the reduction of the environmental impact, through a more efficient use of the energy. In fact the system permits to recover energy in the braking phase, to be used in the acceleration phases. Moreover the sophisticated electronics permits numerous strategies to improve the performances during races.

The racing hybrid engines are currently used in the circuit in F1, in the Le Mans Series and few rare applications, like the Pikes Peak race. The extreme environment of the ice racing is perfect to test the performances of the systems in e trembly low temperature and in conditions really at the limit of the current technology.

The hybrid powertrain present numerous advantages respect both to the thermal engine and the full electric solutions. With respect the conventional ICE thermal engine alone, the HybridSport shows a huge advantage in term of power and reduced consumption.

With respect to full electric solution the HybridSport can count on a weight to range advantage, that permit to face both sprint but also endurance races.

The D4S HybridSport technology, developed and tested in the prestigious Ice Challenge 2018 will bring important applications on the car of every day use.

Important details…. D4S HybridSport, driven by Sergio Durante, won the debut race in the class10 of the Ice Challenge 2018 European Championship, its category…. bravo!

High Performance Turbo

Development of new damped turbochargers

On the 1st October started one of the most challenging projects concerning the future development of the automotive and aeronautic turbochargers.

The new project focuses on a novel manufacturing process required to develop nanocomposites and use them as embedded reinforcements to improve the functional properties of products made of engineered metallic material such as structural components for automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and wind turbine applications.

The activity addresses the development of a scalable industrial process enabling:

– The synthesis of new class of nano-composites materials for high temperature applications;

– The creation of a new class of industrial components with high stiffness-to-weight ratio combined with superior vibration damping property and high thermal stability

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is in charge of the development and testing of the application on automotive turbochargers

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