Special Custom Parts

D4S has the ambitious to become your partner for the design and the manufacturing of special parts made in advanced materials. D4S can assist you with: Advanced CAE and FEM design skill Material selection and design Validation testing Quality assessment Risk and safety assessment Cost and LCA analysis All Parts manufactured in Italy and England […]

Powertrain: Rings and Pinions sets

Customized materials available on customer request: special steel, treatments, nanotechnology coatings All materials manufactured in Italy, England and Spain using high performance aeronautic materials

Gearbox: Dog ring gearset for modern and historic race cars

All parts manufactured in Italy, Spain and England using high performance aeronautic materials Customized materials available on customer request  

Body parts – Composites

The partnership with TEKS, the aerospace and advanced composites producer, is leading to new frontiers on composites manufacturing and parts for Motorsport application. D4S can provide and process advanced composites components on request, on the basis of the customers specifications. D4S is developing and processing advanced fibers with high performances based on different materials and […]