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D4S is a high tech company founded by Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante in the sector of the advanced technologies, with a strong partnership all over the world, and find its success factor in the constant transformation of the knowledge produced by applied innovation into products, technologies and services for the automotive, motorsport, the aerospace.

The main activities of the company is in the design, the development, the integration, the testing and the application of advanced components and powertrain solutions for the automotive and the aerospace sectors, using the most advanced engineering tools and innovative materials (like high performance composites, exotic materials, hyperfunctionalized surfaces, nanostructured based massive and coating materials).

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Automotive And Motorsport

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Developing specialist parts to customer specifications

  • Aerodynamic and body CFRP parts
  • Design of hybrid materials components like Titanium and Carbon Fibres
  • Metal matrix composites and advanced metals components
  • Innovative powertrain solutions
  • Prototypes and race car setup
  • Gearboxes: advanced processes, materials, surface engineering
  • Hybrid and full electric high performance powertrain
  • Racing solutions

Motorsport And Aerospace

Advanced materials components 

  • Body components manufacturing
  • CFRP powertrain parts
  • Metal Matrix Composites
  • Advanced Computer simulation
  • Hybrid materials components
  • Titanium parts
  • Advanced Virtual Reality
  • Superalloys parts


Tests in extreme conditions

  • State of the art fully instrumented laboratory cars

Tests in every condition of our components and materials  (from desert, to endurance, to arctic)