WRC stars at the Ice Series

Everything is under frenetic preparation in D4S Motorsport factories for the next winter Ice Series International Championship. The incredible prototype based on the WRC Citroen DS3 is actually collecting all the latest racing technologies as nanotechnology surface engineering , additive manufacturing made Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante titanium sequential gearbox , lithium batteries and Inconel exhausts , and a full composites body .

960 Kg, 450 HP, four wheel drive. Such an advanced technologies will be hardly tested by an exceptional famous driver, the WRC star Armin Schwarz that will share the driving wheel with the other top drivers in the most important races of the 2016 Championship.

Carmellino and Durante bringing DS3 at top level

On the last week end, the 10 and 11th January, the Sergio Durante Motorsport DS3 has been brought at the highest level at the Ice Challenge 2017 Championship.

Ivan Carmellino success, DS3 Proto, in the second round of the Europea Ice Challenge 2017 Championship, held Sunday, February 12 in Pragelato. Ivan, at the first seasonal, took the Saturday qualifying and warm-up on Sunday morning to get a feel for the car he used for the first time and outclass opponents with an irresistible and unapproachable step.

He said: “ The car developed by Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is very different from the car I normally use on the ice racing, but it really impressed me for the driving feeling and the explosive performances”

Three victories in three heats clarify the supremacy of fast and spectacular Carmellino in every situation when he had a clear track, speeding impressively the stopwatch hands, and when he had to make overtaking backmarkers that occurred in front of the nose of his DS3 Proto.

Carmellino made clear his intentions from the first round in the morning, played with a temperature of five degrees below zero, when trailing by just under six seconds Luciano Cobbe, Ford Focus WRC, appeared particularly in good shape. Carmellino was further improved in the second round, when he established the battery and record lap monitoring the situation in the third round when the track was slower after the passage of twenty competitors. It closes in second place a specific and constant Luciano Cobbe, but had to bow to the crystalline class Carmellino. The rider of Meteco Racing was involved in a fast and perfect race, without the slightest smear, but with a Carmellino so fit there was little to do. Third place for Alessandro Pettenuzzo, author of a good performance in the first two heats and less determined in the third, which ended only seventh because of his Mitsubishi Lancer tire degradation of a less profitable guidance of the previous rounds .

In the King of Masters Race Sergio Durante gain a brilliant third position, keeping him at the head of the Championship.

D4S DS3 Prototype and Sergio Durante won the Championship 2017

Very tactical and complex race during the weekend!

On Saturday night the rough circuit conditions were excellent for Sergio Durante and the Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante Motorsport Citroen DS3 that delivered the first time in the official qualifying.

The day after in the flat cold ice the performances of the prototype were again extremely convincing, permitting Sergio to gain a second position on the King of Masters race that gave him enough points to succeed in the Championship after a breathtaking duel against the new Italian Champion Alessandro Pettenuzzo.

Karting World Championship

Karting is considered to be the first stepping stone for young drivers aspiring to reach the highest levels of motor sport, or simply hoping for a career as a racing driver.

While the vast majority of current (and past) F1 drivers came from Karting, it has grown racing talents that populate a wide variety of racing disciplines, such as the FIA World Endurance Championship, which is the basis of the 24 Hours of Le Mans classic each June.

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante Motorsport decided to give a closer look at the discipline, and, as usual, exploit the opportunity to tests some technical advanced solutions, like a nanocomposite damping coating and some special components, in collaboration with the Spanish Team Jamkart.

The event was held at the extraordinary “Le Mans Karting International.”

Nearly 200 drivers descend on Le Mans, no doubt drawn by the prospect of competing at Le Mans.

They were representing a remarkable 42 countries and did battle in front of a big crowd that will include FIA President Jean Todt.

We participated with a test driver in the KZ, which is the advanced category for gearbox karts – it was previously called Super ICC and KZ1. Since its inception in 2010, KZ has attracted some of the most promising young drivers before they take the next step to single-seater racing.

Hill Climbing Strategy 2018-2019 European Championship

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante decided the development of a totally innovative hybrid prototype for hill climbing races. The car is under construction and it will be ready for first tests in the end of the 2017. This crazy powerful car will sport almost 1000HP for a 800kg of weight.

In the meantime the Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante Porsche Proto in the picture won its category at the European Hill Climbing Championship in Otaly in the Cesana Sestriere Challenge

D4S success at the Ice Challenge 2018

D4S had the best result at the international Championship Ice Challenge 2018, bringing two cars at the highest place in the podium.

The Citroen DS3 Proto by D4S gained the overall championship, driven by our driver/engineer Sergio Durante.

The D4S HybridSport gained the championship dedicated to the alternative/innovative energy cars, the series 10.

A huge thanks is for our great Cristiano Cedrino and Luca Oggero, super race technicians, …. and to the fantastic work of all the engineers and technicians of DIAD Group and D4S Motorsport that prepared two crazy cars, the winning ‘rocket´ DS3 and the unbelievable powerful HybridSport with Efesto and 3Y Technology.

A big thanks is for all the people of the organisation BMG: they organised a great international Championship with more than 50 drivers, where they perfectly merged professionalism and friendly environment…. which is very, very rare today…

Sergio Durante | Founder of D4S

D4S second overall in the Master King Championship

After an hard fight during all the Championship, the D4S Proto gained the second position in the Master King.

It was a very tough competition, against strong teams and drivers and… against ourselves as well, because we had to face sevral technical problems. But at the end the constance and determination briught a good result. Moreover, technically we understood where we have to concentrate our technology, to be even more competitive

Sergio Durante | Founder of D4S

A big thanks is for all the people of the organisation BMG: they organised a great international Championship with more than 50 drivers, where they perfectly merged professionalism and friendly environment…. which is very, very rare today…


Races for testing

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante is testing on the field the strength and performances of a new generation of components and materials.

And the results are coming even better then expected.

The Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante D4S Prototype is equipped with a brand new high performance transmission, inheriting state of the art F1 technology. This car is showing incredible performances both on the tests and in the races field.

In fact, after a series of endurance tests started last year the gearbox have been successfully stressed in the race field, without the need of substitution of a single component.

Gears, differentials, transmission shaft completed a stress tests lasted the 150% more of the limit of the best in class parts.

The results were certified also from a 2nd position in its category and a brilliant 4th overall at the ICE Series Livigno Race.

Congratulations to the Motorsport Team!