Automotive Products
  1. BulletDesign and manufacturing of advanced materials (High Performance Aluminum and Magnesium, Titanium, Special Steels and Cast Irons, Beryllium alloys, MMCs, composites, CFRP, Hybrid materials,...) and related processes

  2. BulletDesign and manufacturing of custom transmission parts: gears, shafts, differentials;

  3. BulletLight structural parts: body and power-train;

  4. BulletOptimization of aerodynamic parts: spoilers, wings, body parts;

  5. BulletDesign and manufacturing of parts for sustainable mobility (Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles);

  6. BulletDevelopment and customization of nanostructured coatings and surface treatments for dramatic reduction of friction coefficient

  7. BulletComprehensive car setup for racing application (included FIA standard);

  8. BulletTuning for race track, rally, hill-climb, ice;