• CAE and FEM design 
  • LCA
  • LCE 


  • Tests in every condition of our components and materials  (from desert to arctic)                            

Why Choose Us

D4S is a high tech company founded by Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante in the sector of the advanced technologies, with a strong partnership all over the world, and find its success factor in the constant transformation of the knowledge produced by applied innovation into products, technologies and services for the automotive, motorsport, the aerospace.

The main activities of the company is in the design, the development, the integration, the testing and the application of advanced components and powertrain solutions for the automotive and the aerospace sectors, using the most advanced engineering tools and innovative materials (like high performance composites, exotic materials, hyperfunctionalized surfaces, nanostructured based massive and coating materials).

Unique engineering solutions for your projects Our team of professionals has a great experience  We are ready for customers from any country 


  • Development of new manufacturing processes for advanced materials


  • Design and construction of complex powertrain parts
  • Hybrid Technology
  • Race Lubricants   
  • Setup or race cars                                                     



Design, setup and installation of hybrid parallel solutions for motorsport, aeronautic and marine sectors  

High performances parts. All parts manufactured in Italy, Spain and England, using high performance aeronautic materials 

Design, Manufacturing and testing of high performance race gearboxes on custom specifications

3D model of D4S Motorsport Gearbox

Custom made, fully tunable, for Circuit, Rally, Hillclimb. All parts manufactured in Italy, Spain and England, using high performance aeronautic materials 

D4S has the ambitious to become your partner for the design and the manufacturing of special parts made in advanced materials.

Development and supply of specific lubricants or surface treatments on demand

Endurance and superfast engage thanks to specific materials and geometry. All parts manufactured using high performance aerospace materials 

The partnership with the best aerospace and advanced composites producers, is leading to new frontiers on composites manufacturing and parts for Motorsport application

Our philosophi and approach are based on the integration of advanced engineering and the human experience. This is why we like to race our parts and test on the field



Sergio Durante Image

When the advanced engineering meets the human experience  

Sergio Durante 

Founder of D4S        

Meet Our


Sergio Durante Image Full
Alessandro, our race engineer
D4S Motorsport Christian Race Mechanic
D4S Motorsport Veronika image Director
Stas, our race mechanic always active in the racing environment








  •         The design
  •         Engineering
  •         Clean manufacturing and testing new powertrain
  •         Body solutions
  •         Advanced materials for the motorsport and the aerospace sectors



We have a deep experience on:

  •         Additive manufacturing
  •         High quality advanced materials machining
  •         Superalloys manufacturing
  •         Hybrid Titanium-CFRP
  •         Functionalised surface treatments and coatings
  •         CFRP state of the art autoclaves
  •         Robotic manufacturing



D4S is member of the Board of the  AMRC with Boeing, in Sheffield (UK).        

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Opening Timings

  • Race Gearboxes
  • Hybrid Powertrain Solutions
  • Race Lubricants
  • Dog ring gear
  • Racing Differentials
  • Rings and Pinions sets
  • Special Custom Parts 
  • Body parts – Composites 

Mn-Fr     9.00am - 8.00pm 

Sat          9.00am - 4.00pm 

Sun         output




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