D4S success at the ICE CHALLENGE 2018

D4S success at the Ice Challenge 2018


D4S had the best result at the international Championship Ice Challenge 2018, bringing two cars at the highest place in the podium.

The Citroen DS3 Proto by D4S gained the overall championship, driven by our driver/engineer Sergio Durante.

The D4S HybridSport gained the championship dedicated to the alternative/innovative energy cars, the series 10.

Sergio Durante, at the end of the race said:

´A huge thanks is for our great Cristiano Cedrino and Luca Oggero, super race technicians, .... and to the fantastic work of all the engineers and technicians of DIAD Group and D4S Motorsport that prepared two crazy cars, the winning ‘rocket´ DS3 and the unbelievable powerful HybridSport with Efesto and 3Y Technology. 

A big thanks is for all the people of the organisation BMG: they organised a great international Championship with more than 50 drivers, where they perfectly merged professionalism and friendly environment.... which is very, very rare today... ´

Photos by: Alberto Caldani. Valter Ribet, Marco Ferrero, Francois Haase!!

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